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After spending my teenage years racing, i've changed discipline to freestyle as theres so much more to learn and a good way to always keep pushing myself forwards. I also work for club vass in the summer seasons, teaching anything from beginner to advanced.I then travel through the winter months to places such as Dahab and Brazil for some training! I always try and have a 12 month summer! However I always end up slightly skint so end up returning to the uk for a couple of months to earn for a while. Just before last christmas, I went to Dahab,Vassilki,Brazil,and Dahab again! So as i have just returned from Vassilki,where i was working there for 6 months, im now getting ready to head to Dahab to work for the winter months...Happy days!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Sails!

New Sails!

Whoop Whoop!

Been to BOARDWISE to day to collect my new sails. I've had a set of 2011 north Ice's in code mad.

The Code mad is a optional extra on the normal sails witch is colored panels which looks super sexy.

BOARDWISE have given me a set of stickers to go with the sails to which you can see in the photo's.

tomorrow I'm heading out to dahab with my new kit and new camera so hopefully get a good video put together on my new kit!

Big thank you to boardwise for sorting all my new kit for me and of course fanatic!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Camera!

wooooooo took me a while but I finally choose a camera. I choose the

Sony HDR-XR155E as it has great optical zoom and hdd of 120! happy days. super cheap compared to simalar camera's on the market to so very happy. Also bought a tripod for it too seen as Im pretty shaky generally!

Going to Dahab this weekend to work at Club Dahab along side of Collin 'Whippy' Dixon the new manager!

Should be a great opportunity to test my new camera and hopefully make a nice video!

Monday, October 11, 2010

New video!

Here is my new video, bit of a mash up of clips from different locations, dint really film alot in Vass so only a few clips however they re from the onshore winds we had witch kicked up some nice little ramps!
Im of to Dahab on friday and buying a nice sony HD camera so all been well will be some more footage on my new kit coming soon!

Friday, October 8, 2010

So I admit I've not been very good with my blog so far, partly because I forgot the password, standard, but mostly because I've been in vassiliki where its nonstop fun fun fun and the last thing I want to do on my day of is sit on my lap top!

We had a great season in vassiliki with over 120 customer's a week through-out peak season and around 50 a week in and out of season!

Alot goes on throughout a week in vassiliki, starting on monday with meeting our groups for the week and a welcome meal/ drinks in the evening.
Tuesday is a windsurf night where we put on som
e promo's of ourselves windsurfing and other spots around the world/ sister centre's. After that its a big night out in town starting with the wildwind bbq with live music by some of the lads that work there!
Wednesday is another teaching day as is every week day with a nice chilled out evening, normally there would be a movie on the big screen at the club the the clients and a curry or a chilli!
Thursday again normal teaching day with wildwind
's cocktails in the evening witch are usually made with something as strong as rocket fuel! generally speaking leading to another good night in town!
Friday is RACEDAYYYY!!!! WOOO YEAA, love raceday. Raceday is some friendly racing we run after our morning teaching session's, 3 back to ba
ck small races for all abilities beginner to advanced with a mystery race been the 3rd one.
Friday evening is the CLUB VASS BBQ!! biggest evening of week starting with the punch bar at 8.30 where to keep it simple everyone gets smashed for free for 45 minutes before sitting down to eat the bbq usually resulting in a crazy night!
every week its a different fancy dress witch usually relates to the club vass entertainment that we do after the bbq. entertainment generally speaking is adult orientated and can vary from a song to a dance to a gang battle! what ever goes really! Then a big party into the early hours afterwards.

At the weekend there's no lessons however clients can still windsurf as much as they want and half the beech team will take alternative days of. saturday night been another night in town.

I became a advanced/plus/bump and jump instructor in the season as well witch im very happy about. since then I've been teaching advanced groups with collin 'whippy' dixon and jay haysey witch is always a dillight.

At vass this year we were lucky enough to have Jay Haysey from globalshots taking photo's of us and I collected some good shots. We also did a night session after at few beers at the wildwind bbq on a tuesday, it was about 12pm when full power 4.7 weather came through and could of even been on 4.2 at times. we had a truck on the beach with music and its headlights on and a crowd of about 25 on the beech cheering us on which created a great atmosphere!